Are you sick of dragging you ski boots with you?

…in over 350 ski resort your ski boot rental is possible with Skiset. You will not only save time by booking your equipment in one of our 800 shops online, but also a lot of money. By Ski rental with Skiset you will get a discount going up to 50%.

Skiset' ski boot rental

Rent your ski boots online with Skiset!

Thanks to Skiset's network all over France and Europe we offer you ski equipment rental for great prices with best quality. Whether you would like alpine skiing, nordic skiing, cross country or snowboarding, if you are looking for skis for adults or kids, with or without boots: is the answer.

Ski boot rental : it's all in the fit

One of the most important details of ski equipment adjustment, is that you have to have well fitting shoes! Do not get attracted by shiny high-tech cool looking shoes. It is of high importance that you are safe and comfortable in your boots. To get the right size for your snowboots, get the same size as you normally wear or one size smaller. Your toes should lightly touch the tip of the boot and your heel must be firmly held in place.

Discount on your rental

Up to 50% discount on all your ski, snowboard, boot hire. The only thing you have to do to get this kid of discount is book online at Depending of your destination and the date of your stay your discount gets bigger, up to 50%.