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Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus
The Nomad [S] Tune Plus is ideal for versatile, learning skiers who want to ski faster and more confidently.
Atomic Rival
The latest addition to the Vantage family is the Rival: An all-mountain rocker in the shovel and the tail that provides a new level of versatility and absorbs vibrations across the length of the ski.
Atomic Rival
The latest addition to the Vantage family is the Rival: An all-mountain rocker in the shovel and the tail that provides a new level of versatility and absorbs vibrations across the length of the ski.
Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc
The totally new Atomic Cloud Eleven is an ideal ski for a day on perfectly groomed slopes. Made lighter specially for female skiers and V-shaped to help initiate turns, the Cloud Eleven was designed for skilled skiers in search of an elegant ski.
Atomic Nomad [S] Radon
The Radon features the new Atomic ARC technology that preserves the natural flex of the skis for maximum control and comfort.
Atomic Redster Doubledeck GS
The Atomic Redster Doubledeck is the ideal ski for on-trail skiers wanting to use exclusive new technology from the World Cup. And the result: the ultimate ski for wide, fast turns on-trail.
Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL
The third generation Redster Doubledeck gives you even more power, precision and stability. Get ready to put on your number!


Blizzard Viva 400 IQ
The Viva 400 IQ is a perfect balance between weight and performance for women who like to ski groomed trails. While this ski is very light, the grip never fails - even on hard snow.
Blizzard X-Power 770 IQ
The X-Power range was designed for a wide range of uses, on hard or soft snow, and on any kind of terrain. Its very gradual rocker in the tip and tail make the ski extremely easy to handle. Binding integration into the IQ System reduces vibration and weig
Blizzard Brahma
The Brahma from the Bullride range uses FlipCore construction and technology, making these skis incredibly easy and fun to handle. With an 88mm waist and 3 Titanal layers, the Brahma is a dynamic, all-mountain/freeride ski.
Blizzard Power 600 FS IQ
The Power range was designed for edging and fantastic control on hard snow. These skis are agile and responsive when changing edges so you can attack confidently.


Dynastar Active Easy
A super-light ski with a generous shovel to ease curve entry, and tip and tail rocker to facilitate initiation and safety; the women who use this ski can combine learning and fun!
Dynastar Chrome 72 CR
Chrome is a new line of Dynastar skis devoted to trails. The Chrome 72 CR shares the fiery temperament of its big brother (the 74 CR), while proving more accessible in terms of performance.
Dynastar Powertrack 79
The new Powertrack 79 is a completely new take on an all-mountain ski: it combines different technologies from freeride and on-trail skis for the smoothest carves and impeccable edging. A perfect ski for all types of snow.
Dynastar Exclusive Elite Light
The Exclusive Elite Light unites performance, elegance and lightness with its lightweight core (wood/rohacell). It is dedicated to expert female skiers, whom it will delight on-piste with its athletic spirit.
Dynastar Neva 78
With a 78mm width waist and a well-calibrated rocker construction, the Neva 78 combines performance and versatility on types of terrain and snow. The lighter structure provides additional comfort that you don't want to miss out on!


Fischer Motive 80 XTR
Hailed multiple times by the trade press, the Motive 80 is a benchmark among all-mountain skis. With a traditional sidewall construction and a light rocker in the shovel, it's one of the sportiest in its category.


Head Integrale 600
Since carving was invented, you've had to choose between a lively, non-sideslip attack ski or a more supple, all-terrain model. Head introduces the first ski that is all of these at once.
Head Joy S
In designing its new women's ski range, Head put its technology to work for the fun of skiing. The materials used have allowed this ski to be one of the lightest in its class while still guaranteeing remarkable skiability. The ERA 3.0 rocker principle let
Head Rev 78 R
New technology offered by Head: ERA 3.0 lets you enjoy a rocker ski's maneuverability while providing immediate grip and a stable shovel. The Rev 78 is the perfect combination of ease and performance on all terrain.
Head i.Supershape Magnum
A demanding radius manageable at high speeds, an intermediate waist width for greater versatility on soft snow, and competition-oriented sandwich construction place this ski directly in the "super powerful" category.
Head i.Supershape Rally
The Supershape range built its name by giving competitive skis a more playful side. The Rally holds center stage in the range, offering a wide range of use on-trail and ensuring you'll have fun in all snow conditions.
Head i.Supershape Speed
The i.Supershape Speed assists in turns. Accessible from the very start, it offers liveliness when you need it. A good ally for your time on groomed pistes, whatever your pace
Head Super Joy
Super Joy, the spearhead of Head's new range for women, will satisfy the best skiers. This ski offers an as-yet novel combination of lightness and precision thanks to its ultra-light honeycomb and graphene core. Its responsiveness will provide thrills for
Head Chip Prestige
From the Supershape range. Head's Intelligent System retains the energy you put into your curves and returns it to your skiing. The faster you ski, the more agressive your ski becomes. You'll need a speed detector!
Head Supershape Team LR
For your first turns, first jumps and first races with your friends. This ski that is designed with the learner in mind is equipped with ERA² technology which makes edging and rotation easy.


K2 Charger
A bestseller in Germany in 2014, the Charger has been rewarded multiple times over by the trade press. This lively, dynamic ski will inspire confidence in high-level skiers who enjoy testing their technique to the limit.
K2 Potion 76 Ti
K2 women's skis set themselves apart from the other brands by their cushioned skiability. The Potion 76 Ti positions itself as a dynamic all-mountain model: a perfect balance between sportiness and comfort!
K2 Shreditor 92
It's the newest member of the Shreditor family. An excellent compromise between a freestyle and a freeride ski, its playful and maneuverable side is characterized by a gentler feel than its predecessors.


Kastle LX 72
The LX 72 is a super-light ski designed for on-trail use. It has a very gradual shovel, an original feature of Kästle skis, and a wood/Titanal construction, proof of the brand's seriousness. In all, the LX 72 proves highly accessible while remaining livel
Kastle MX 83
The MX83 links traditional construction (sidewall, double Titanal plates) with a gradual shovel, which you can see in the design. In total, the MX83 proves to be highly accessible, and can be used by a wide range of people while offering incredible perfor


Lacroix Mach Carbon
How is a Lacroix ski different than others? It's a result of strategic and industrial choices that favor small-series production and high-quality materials. Power is the innate character trait of the new CARBON MACH. But thanks to the know-how of the com
Lacroix Pearl
An elegant and trendy design for women, the newly developed Pearl is more athletic in nature to give it greater stability and precesion on hard packed snow. Like its predescesor, the Pearl remains a light, manuverable and versatile ski for women of all le


Nordica Avenger 78
The Avenger 78 was developed for intermediate skiers who want a ski to help them attempt carved turns and learn confidently.
Nordica Belle to Belle
Intended for intermediate to advanced skiers, the Belle to Belle is a true all-terrain ski specially conceived for women. Nordica worked specially on a strucutre for 20% less weight, allowing for eaiser maneuvers over moguls and trails.


Rossignol Sprayer
A true twin-tip ski to have a blast with in the park.
Rossignol Experience 80
An all-mountain ski dedicated to intermediate to expert skiers. Use of a light wood core and the new AirTip shovel makes the Experience 80 among the lightest in its field and among the most pleasant underfoot. It's the ideal all-in-one ski for enjoying th
Rossignol Pursuit 14 X
The Pursuit 14 X's Power Turn Rocker, which combines a slight rocker in the shovel with a traditional camber across the length of the ski, eases turn initiation and delivers all of its potential in carving, making it a high-performance on-trail ski dedica
Rossignol Smash 7
The Smash 7 is the ideal ski for up-and-coming freeriders. The ski features exceptional float on powder, delivering new thrills without tiring you out.
Rossignol Temptation 80 W
A woman's all-mountain ski for intermediate to advanced skiers. Using a light wood core and the new AirTip shovel makes the Temptation 80 W one of the lightest in its field and one of the most pleasant underfoot. It's the ideal all-in-one for enjoying the
Rossignol Unique 4
UNIQUE is the new line of Rossignol skis for women, designed for ease of use, lightness, and skiing pleasure. The Unique 4 is made for skiers looking for a versatile, high-performance ski that combines pleasure and learning.
Rossignol Experience 84 TPX
The Experience 84 is THE new all-mountain benchmark. It's a powerful, versatile ski. It has the necessary flexibility for off-trail while staying precise and rigid for carving. An excellent everyday ski!
Rossignol Hero LT
Benefiting from the latest innovations in the World Cup, the Hero LT is for technical skiers seeking a powerful ski that provides excellent ski-snow contact and maximum stability at high speed.
Rossignol Hero ST
Benefiting from the latest innovations in the World Cup, the Hero ST is for technical skiers seeking a ski agile and powerful in short turns. It combines high performance and accessibility.
Rossignol Sin 7
An ultra-versatile freeride ski for intermediate and advanced skiers. Endowed with the same technology and construction as the iconic Soul 7, the Sin 7 is narrower in the waist, offering more grip on-trail. The ski reveals its true potential on powder: yo
Rossignol Soul 7
The Soul 7 is a new generation of Rocker ski with a lighter shovel and tail to provide maximum lightness and maneuverability. With a 106mm waist, the Soul 7 is a ski for every day use!
Rossignol Roostie
The Rossignol Robot is the perfect ski for juniors learning to ski.
Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event
Perfectly designed sidecuts for short fluid turns. A wide shovel for speed and easy entry into turns. Performance and accessibility for future champions!


Salomon BBR 7.5 R
The BBR 7.5 R brings more terrain to leisure skiers. Its V-shape and light weight provide easy turn initiation, and reinforces confidence in intermediate skiers seeking new thrills.
Salomon BBR Limelite R
The BBR Limelite looks like no other women's ski. It brings more terrain within reach of leisure skiers. Its V-shape and light weight provide easy turn initiation, and reinforces confidence in intermediate skiers seeking new thrills.
Salomon X-drive 75 Sti
It's the easiest to control and the most tolerant model from the new X-Drive range. It will put you at ease on groomed trails with your first curves. And it gives you the opportunity to criss-cross the entire resort easily.
Salomon Q85
The Q85 is part of the new generation of all-mountain skis: designed to offer maximum maneuverability in fresh snow, it will give you so much confidence on groomed trails that you can carve with it.
Salomon X-drive 8.3
The X-Drive is the worthy successor to the legendary Salomon Enduro: powerful, stable and flexible, it is ready to take on anything in its path with incredible versatility. This ski has a new, lighter structure, making it even more pleasant as the day go
Salomon X-Race
Straight from racing, the X-race is a pure piste ski. The radius changes depending on the size of the ski, allowing 5 different SL and GS models for men and women to be created.


Volant Pulse Colorado
The Pulse Colorado is an ultra-light, wide ski (100mm) specially designed for a new generation of off-trail skiers. Its carbon construction conveys power and stability without making the Colorado too exclusive.
Volant Pulse White
Volant offers unique skiability: harmonious flex in short and large turns alike, making the ski dynamic without taxing your legs too much.
Volant Pure Silver
Technology and character are the qualities that best reflect the concept of the VOLANT skis. The Pure is a classic of the Volant line designed for groomed pistes. Design and performance!


Volkl Racetiger Speedwall SL Demo
The Racetiger Speedwall SL is developed with new Speedwall technology for racing greats that will gain valuable time for the win.
Its specially optimized full-rocker construction allows for progressive control of the ski and has been combined with a high-tech carbon, aramid and titanium construction, giving the ski high-level performance that even the most demanding skiers will enjo

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