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Ski equipment


Atomic Heaven
Atomic Redster Fibre X
Atomic Cloud 8

The Atomic Cloud 8 women's ski is a bestseller worldwide for athletic skiers. This new generation was made lighter to let you expend less energy while skiing.

Atomic Redster XT R

The Atomic Redster XT is extremely agile, perfect for carving sharp turns. The sidewalls precisely transfer power to the trail. The slight lift of the shovel prevents edge-catching.

Atomic Vantage 83

A modern, versatile and all-mountain ski: it uses a traditional construction underfoot to ensure predictability on hard snow, combined with a gradual rocker in the tip and tail to ease rotation.

Atomic Cloud Eleven

The totally new Atomic Cloud Eleven is an ideal ski for a day on perfectly groomed slopes. Made lighter specially for female skiers and V-shaped to help initiate turns, the Cloud Eleven was designed for skilled skiers in search of an elegant ski.

Atomic Redster Doubledeck 3.0 SL

Atomic has integrated all its technology in the new Redster Doubledeck 3.0 SL to give it formidable agility in tight slalom-like turns on-trail.

Atomic Vantage X AM CTI
Atomic Redster Doubledeck XT

The new Atomic Redster Doubledeck 3.0 XT is one of Atomic's highest performing racing skis. With its 15.5m radius, the Redster Doubledeck 3.0 XT is extremely agile, even at high speed, and it has found the ideal compromise between a slalom and giant slalom ski.

Atomic Redster Jr Edge

Black Crows

Black Crows Camox
Black Crows Orb
Black Crows Ova
Black Crows Ova Birdie


Blizzard RTX Race
Blizzard Brahma
The Brahma from the Bullride range uses FlipCore construction and technology, making these skis incredibly easy and fun to handle. With an 88mm waist and 3 Titanal layers, the Brahma is a dynamic, all-mountain/freeride ski.
Blizzard RC CA

An ideal tool for skiers looking for the performance of a racing ski while keeping the option to change radius and speed as they see fit.

Blizzard RC Ti
Blizzard Quattro RS


Bogner Vision TR

The Bogner Vision TR ski is an elegant model, with an all-mountain chassis to take advantage of all variety of trails, whatever the snow conditions. A designer ski!


DPS Cassiar 95
DPS Wailer 106


Dynastar Powertrack RL
Dynastar Speed RL
Dynastar Glory 79

The Glory range prefigures the new generation of women’s all-mountain skis. Its centered sidewalls give the Glory 79 maximum grip on groomed trails and maneuverability on all terrain.

Dynastar Intense 8
Dynastar Powertrack 79
The new Powertrack 79 is a completely new take on an all-mountain ski: it combines different technologies from freeride and on-trail skis for the smoothest carves and impeccable edging. A perfect ski for all types of snow.
Dynastar Speed Zone 7 Classic
Dynastar Intense 10
Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti
Dynastar Mythic

Dynastar's brand new Mythic combines elements of modern freeriding skis with an ultra-light carbon construction to provide high performance to any skier who would like to discover new terrain. The new carbon construction makes the ski light and rigid - a guarantee for excellent grip in all situations.

Dynastar Speed Zone 16 Ti
Dynastar Team Comp

The Dynastar Team Comp ski was designed specially for kids who want to catch up to their idols. This accessible, versatile ski is perfectly suited for their first competitions, and lets young skiers learn under the best conditions.


Fischer XTR Cruzar
Fischer XTR Koa 77
Fischer XTR Pro Mtn 77
Fischer XTR Progressor
Fischer XTR Pro Mtn 80
Fischer XTR Progressor
Fischer RC4 Curv Ti
Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC

The RC4 RC gives you the power of a giant slalom ski that you can use every day, on-trail and in various snow conditions: while it accelerates powerfully, you can change your pace at any time and continue into sharper turns.

Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC

Less exclusive than the slalom racing ski, the RC4 SC presents ideal geometry for maximum power transfer in sharp to medium turns.

Fischer XTR Progressor
Fischer RC4 Race Jr


Head Easy Joy
Head Absolut Joy SLR

In designing its new women's ski range, Head put its technology to work for the fun of skiing. The materials used have allowed this ski to be one of the lightest in its class while still guaranteeing remarkable skiability. The ERA 3.0 rocker principle lets the ski turn calmly.

Head Shape SX
Head Isupershape Magnum SW
Head Super Joy
Super Joy, the spearhead of Head's new range for women, will satisfy the best skiers. This ski offers an as-yet novel combination of lightness and precision thanks to its ultra-light honeycomb and graphene core. Its responsiveness will provide thrills for
Head Premium SW
Head Prestige SW
Head Supershape Team LR
For your first turns, first jumps and first races with your friends. This ski that is designed with the learner in mind is equipped with ERA² technology which makes edging and rotation easy.
Head Supershape LR


Indigo ACR

A high-tech ski! Each ski is made in two distinct parts, separated by a central channel, which concentrates energy on the internal edge : One side is made from flexible materials to provide comfort and ease of use. The other side is in carbon, for athletic performance. For a sporty mode, ski with the carbon on your internal edges for a relaxed mode, ski with the fiber side on your internal edges.


K2 Beluved 78 Ti

This ski was created for women who want optimal precision on hard or icy snow. A traditional construction combined with a light rocker in the tip, to commit to curves confidently!

K2 Charger
A bestseller in Germany in 2014, the Charger has been rewarded multiple times over by the trade press. This lively, dynamic ski will inspire confidence in high-level skiers who enjoy testing their technique to the limit.
K2 Konic 78 Ti
K2 SuperCharger
K2 Shreditor 85 Jr


Kastle FX85

Kästle's skiability is characterized by a gradual shovel, which irons out the unevenness in the terrain, letting each skier move confidently. Less demanding than the MX, the FX is the ideal ski for your first Kästle experience!

Kastle LX 72
The LX 72 is a super-light ski designed for on-trail use. It has a very gradual shovel, an original feature of Kästle skis, and a wood/Titanal construction, proof of the brand's seriousness. In all, the LX 72 proves highly accessible while remaining livel
Kastle MX 74
Kastle MX 84


Lacroix Gravity
Lacroix Mach Carbon
How is a Lacroix ski different than others? It's a result of strategic and industrial choices that favor small-series production and high-quality materials. Power is the innate character trait of the new CARBON MACH. But thanks to the know-how of the com
Lacroix Pearl
An elegant and trendy design for women, the newly developed Pearl is more athletic in nature to give it greater stability and precesion on hard packed snow. Like its predescesor, the Pearl remains a light, manuverable and versatile ski for women of all le


Nordica Sentra 74 Evo
Nordica Transfire RTX
Nordica Doberman Spitfire Ca
Nordica GT 78 Evo
Nordica Belle 78 FDT
Nordica Doberman Spitfire Pro
Nordica GT 76 Ti
Nordica Spitfire RTX

The Spitfire puts its best technology to work for fun. Combining an SL shovel with a GS chassis, the Spitfire is fast down the fall line and maintains edges, never letting you down.

Nordica Team Race Jr
Nordica Spitfire J


Rossignol Experience 75

The Experience 75 combines a traditional camber, for optimal grip on hard snow, and a gradual double rocker for more control and better maneuverability in soft snow.

Rossignol Pursuit 100
Rossignol Sprayer
A true twin-tip ski to have a blast with in the park.
Rossignol Unique
Rossignol Zenith Xpress
Rossignol Experience 80 HD
Rossignol Famous 4
Rossignol Famous 6
Rossignol Pursuit 300

The Pursuit range is a benchmark on-trail, having received multiple awards. Combining a light rocker in the shovel with a traditional camber over the length of the ski, turn entry becomes easier the Pursuit 300 unleashes its power in carving.

Rossignol Smash 7
The Smash 7 is the ideal ski for up-and-coming freeriders. The ski features exceptional float on powder, delivering new thrills without tiring you out.
Rossignol Temptation 77
Rossignol Experience 84 HD
Rossignol Famous 10
Rossignol Hero Elite All Turn
Rossignol Hero LT
Benefiting from the latest innovations in the World Cup, the Hero LT is for technical skiers seeking a powerful ski that provides excellent ski-snow contact and maximum stability at high speed.
Rossignol Hero ST
Benefiting from the latest innovations in the World Cup, the Hero ST is for technical skiers seeking a ski agile and powerful in short turns. It combines high performance and accessibility.
Rossignol Pursuit 700 Ti
Rossignol Sky 7 HD
Rossignol Temptation 84
Rossignol Terrain Baby

A trail ski designed for your first turns. It will help young skiers gain confidence on the trail and acquire basic skiing techniques.

Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event
Perfectly designed sidecuts for short fluid turns. A wide shovel for speed and easy entry into turns. Performance and accessibility for future champions!


Salomon Kiana
Salomon X-Drive Focus

It's the easiest to control and the most tolerant model from the X-Drive range. It will put you at ease with your first turns. And it gives you the opportunity to crisscross the entire resort easily.

Salomon Lyra R
Salomon X-drive 8.0 BT

Responsiveness, versatility and fun across the resort. The X-Drive 80 offers remarkable performance on hard snow, while the slight rocker in its shovel dampens uneven terrain both on-trail and in the backcountry.

Salomon X-max X6 R
Salomon X-max XR
Salomon QST 85
Salomon W-max 8
Salomon X-max X12
Salomon X-Race SC


Volant Pulse White
Volant offers unique skiability: harmonious flex in short and large turns alike, making the ski dynamic without taxing your legs too much.
Volant Pure Silver

Technology and character are the qualities that best reflect the concept of the VOLANT skis. The Pure is a classic of the Volant line designed for groomed pistes. Design and performance!


Volkl Racetiger Speedwall SL Demo
The Racetiger Speedwall SL is developed with new Speedwall technology for racing greats that will gain valuable time for the win.
Volkl Code Speedwall S UVO
Volkl RTM 84 UVO

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